Go light our world!

When a child feels a sense of belonging, it opens their minds to discovery.

Discovery requires the building blocks of tenacity and flexibility.

A child who has the space to explore within a connected environment feels empowered.

We are here to build up individuals, families and communities.

We are here to impact generations.

Meet Katie

Katie Jessop has years of experience and training in our need for deep connection. She brings a focus on secure attachment and healthy relationships as the foundation for building early learning experiences.

As the Executive Director of GLOW Children, Katie wants families to feel welcome, children to grow and diversity to be celebrated in every layer of GLOW!

About GLOW

Lumen Early Learning Center (LELC) is a not-for-profit childcare center that serves children birth through twelve years old. Our mission is threefold: (1) to provide a safe and healthy early education program primarily for children whose parents attend Lumen High School, (2) to educate and advocate at the local and state level about the benefits of high quality early education programs and (3) to address the important issues of poverty, trauma and equity particularly within vulnerable populations, such as teenaged parents.

Ways to Donate

Looking to donate to GLOW? Check our donate page for multiple ways to give back, or click the donate button to donate directly through PayPal.