About Us

Lumen Early Learning Center (LELC) is a not-for-profit childcare center that serves children birth through twelve years old. Our mission is threefold: (1) to provide a safe and healthy early education program primarily for children whose parents attend Lumen High School, (2) to educate and advocate at the local and state level about the benefits of high quality early education programs and (3) to address the important issues of poverty, trauma and equity particularly within vulnerable populations, such as teenaged parents.

GLOW Core Values


At our foundation, G.L.O.W. is about fostering community. Each person has a place and something special to receive and offer. Each person is worthy and lovable. We each matter and we each can contribute.


A person who feels secure in their environment will naturally explore their innate intelligence, will feel safe taking appropriate risks and will want to learn and grow. We will strongly encourage this curiosity mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, globally and academically. These opportunities will be presented repeatedly in various ways to meet all learners where they are at.


Systems with high expectations also need high support. G.L.O.W. children and staff will have access to a flexible structure and community connections so our system will accept and meet individual needs. We trust our staff’s ability to connect with each other and each child and be able to maneuver within the system to offer enough support to help each person develop.


As a person grows and develops, challenges will present themselves. At G.L.O.W., our culture will support the hard work of failure and growth. We will meet each person where they are at and offer the level of support needed to encourage continued development. Through this process and within the zone of proximal development, we will build supported persistence.


We believe that the early years are critical in creating space for security, safety and success. We believe that any person who has a deep sense of themselves, their place and their people will innately want to learn and grow in a way that positively impacts themselves and their community. We believe G.L.O.W. staff and children will be given the foundation to become future leaders and contributors. Go light our world!